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About us

Dear guests,

Thank you for honoring us with your visit, which commits us to the fact to do as much as we can with one goal, and that is your satisfaction.

Potrefená Husa is a brand pub of Staropramen Brewery. Is part of a chain that several partners are involved in. Now the opening of several other Potrefená Husas is being in progress in different places of the Czech Republic. Keeping a high level of service throughout the gastronomic network Potrefená husa is provided by F & B Concepts.

Our goal is to create a place that will renew one of the most beloved traditions of our country - the beer drinking culture. Our beer is treated with the utmost care, regularly controlled by our master of drafts Mr. Rudolf Schaffer.

Chefs and staff are specially trained, and we hope you enjoy us.

Ostravárna u Jubilejní